All who wander are not lost. -JRR Tolkien

Active Explorer on top of Hidden Peak

Yes! I’m ready to play in the snow!

My name is Erika Wiggins. One of the many gifts my parents gave me is a love for adventure travel. I set sail for the South Pacific with them when I was 4 years old. After a brief return to the United States, we set sail again, this time in the Caribbean and South America. I earned my first pilot’s certificate while in the US Virgin Islands at 17 years old.

For me, travel is life. For over 25 years I have been flying, backpacking, caving, diving, camping, and rappelling. To fund my passion I have worked as a flight instructor, corporate pilot and firefighter/ EMT.

However, my life hasn’t always been full of adventure. In 2005, I threw myself headfirst into the corporate-rut as a commercial real estate broker. Working 80 hours a week, without days off, I reached the brink of sanity. If I did take a vacation, I still worked on the road. I began blogging in 2008 as a way to escape – at least mentally. The more I wrote, the more I knew something had to change. By 2009, I was back out on the trails, kayaking and crawling around in caves. Yup, I even turned off my phone… I learned to live on less money and scaled back my business to allow more freedom.

I mostly with the company of my husband, a Nikon D850, and a couple of lenses. In addition to writing about adventure travel, I draw on my medical background to educate readers on health and safety in the outdoors.










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  1. I can’t wait to see and hear more about your adventures. More importantly I really am looking forward to TAG. I hope to fill myself to overflowing with the stories of exploration from some really great cavers of what I think of as the “last great frontier”! Pam

  2. Just an idea for a trip – the Ravine Gardens in Palatka — GREAT trails and gorgeous azalea blooms coming soon! I think you would enjoy it if you haven’t already been. 🙂

    Nice blog site, btw.

    Good luck!


  3. Erika,

    You have a very nice web site, and I am glad to have discovered it. I found it as a link from a Tweet by @OverlandExpo. And frankly, the very first thing that caught my eye was your header photo. Is that a Cessna 180 flying through the mountains? Although I have not flown for years, being a tail dragger pilot myself, the 180 was my dream plane. Now, I just seem to motorcycle around the country a little bit. I’ve subscribed to your e-mail, and am looking forward to future posts. –Brent

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