Geigerrig Packs by the Door

7 signs you’re obsessed with hiking

Geigerrig Packs by the Door

Three packs ready to go. One is my go-to, another for light days and the third for climbing.

The first clue I had a problem was that, after two months, I hadn’t unpacked any boxes because I was waiting for a rainy day – not fully comprehending I had moved to a desert. Then there was the issue that I had no social life.

After moving to Salt Lake City I noticed that, now that I had a glorious supply of trails within minutes of my home, I’d become obsessed with hiking them. I spent every moment I wasn’t working out on the trail. Granted, I did meet one nice group of folks on the trail to White Pine Lake.

As time passed, it became obvious I was still lacking in local knowledge. I hadn’t visited nearby Park City or even ventured across town. However, I had steadily picked away at the best local hikes and new the trailheads well. “Hmmmm,” I thought, “my life is a little out of balance.” There were a few patterns that clued me in, which you might identify with too. Yes, some are unique to my gender and such, but you’ll get the idea!

Signs that you too may be hiking obsessed:

  • You have three or more packs hanging near the door for different occasions.
  • You own more trail shoes than street shoes.
  • Your shirts have thin spots where the daypack rubs your side.
  • You plan your social life around bad weather when you can’t hike.
  • You scan online dating profiles for “hiking” as a keyword.
  • The pedicurist books a double-long appointment when you call.
  • You’ve lived in a new town for nearly six months and can’t find your way to Costco, yet locals call you for trail advice.

If you display three or more of the above behaviors there is a good chance that you may suffer from good health, a positive outlook on life, and a number of other possible symptoms that your doctor and/or therapist won’t find profitable.

Too many shoes

Yes, I have a trail shoe problem. In disclosure, many of these are test samples that I’ve been reviewing.


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  1. I have a few symptoms. But I have others that are more towards caving. Some could also apply to hiking. My GPS coordinates on my phone are parking locations for caves. My car has very few roads maps in it, but plenty of cave maps.
    I too have an assortment of packs. Backpacking pack, geocaching pack, ridge walking pack. The pictures I have of my grand-kids on my phone they are wearing caving helmets.
    I really hope there is no cure. I enjoy it way too much.

    1. Allen,

      Caving has been a big obsession for me as well. Since moving to SLC my caving pack has become a climbing pack. I do miss it and wish I could make the TAG Cave In this year! Sadly I’ve been traveling a bit too much to allow it.

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