Adventure film review & giveaway: Tell it on the Mountain

PCT MAPSometimes the urge to take a long walk in nature is irresistible. For years, I have had a really long walk on my list of things I plan to do, thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. I’ve picked away at sections, and this was supposed to my summer to do the whole thing, but I embarked on other adventures instead. For now, I will read about, watch and study, other people’s long walks.

Recently I watched a documentary on the Pacific Crest Trail titled, Tell it on the Mountain, which follows a half dozen hikers who attempt the 2,663-mile journey. Armed with cameras, the hikers give us an insider’s view into the challenges, triumphs and human spirit found during a hike of this magnitude. Add to that, imagery of the natural landscape that only be seen by the few who hike (okay maybe helicopter) into these remote areas.

All that said, this is a film that had me pinned to my sofa for two hours. Best part, it’s all real, no drama or special effects, just raw human experience.

You’ll find some of the Pacific Crest Trail’s heavy weights featured in the film including Scott Williamson (multiple PCT record holder) and Billygoat (John Muir look-alike and trail fixture). You even get a chance to join along with Donna Saufley (Agua Dulce’s “Hiker Heaven” trail host extraordinaire herself) while she section hikes the high sierra.

Hikers on the PCT

Tell it on the Mountain is one of those flicks that I’ll watch again, (when I can’t be outdoors myself and need a fix). Non-hikers will enjoy the film as well because it’s rooted in beauty, challenge, triumph, and human will power – all of those things that combine to create an epic story, real or fiction.

In a cliche sentence, I give this film two thumbs up. It’s worth watching, and even buying, because you will want to watch it again. It’s entertaining and inspiring and it gives you an inside look at an incredible adventure.

After extensive negotiations, just kidding they offered, the promoters of the documentary have agreed to give up a free copy of the film for a giveaway to one of our readers.

To enter click the image below or follow this link: http://eepurl.com/zOb2r   Winners will be selected on May 29th, 2013.

Tell it on the mountain giveaway

Here’s a sneak peek at the first six minutes of the film…



For more information on the film, visit TellitontheMountain.com

A copy of the film was provided to us for the purpose of review with no expectation of a favorable write-up. After watching I wanted to be able to pass a copy on to you because I was so impressed.

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