An open letter to my readers…

May I ask a favor? It would mean a lot to me if you could take a few minutes to provide me some feedback. I have spent a significant amount of time thinking about how to share more of my passions in The Active Explorer. However, this blog is nothing without you the reader, so the next logical step is to ask YOU if my ideas intrigue you.

The foundation of this blog is adventure travel. In particular, I cover a lot of hiking and backpacking because I spend more time doing this activity than any other. I ache so see beautiful places without cars or buildings in the background.

Recently I have added more food articles because I really, really, love good food. Often my travels give me the chance to try new cuisines and I get super excited about sharing both the experience and recipes.

Here are some new ideas I think might interest you:

All of my active pursuits require that I stay fit. Often I tailor my workouts to my upcoming adventures. For example, I’ll be caving next week, so I’ve stepped up my leg workouts to prepare, including an emphasis on certain movements. I’ve already written posts on staying fit and safe such as, From gym to trail: Adjust your workout for backpacking and Hydration at the Extremes: It’s Not Just a Heat Issue.

While we are talking fitness, I can’t stay in shape without fueling my body properly. On the road, I eat all kinds of stuff I never would at home, so it’s twice as hard to stay on track. I’ve begun to create my own recipes like Traveler’s Bean Salad to help me cope. What do you think? Should I add more fitness and nutrition content tailored toward adventure sports?

Another topic I’m often asked about has to do with lifestyle. People want to know how I have transformed from being an overworked zombie, to the more balanced life I have today. Let me be clear, I’m still a work in progress, but I’m willing to share my journey with you. My articles, No time? Un-pause your life and press play, and Combating stereotypes: Why I’m no proper lady, are examples.

Your interests matter to me. Please comment below or email me at Erika (at) TheActiveExplorer (dot) com with your thoughts and any ideas I may have missed. At the end of the day, I share my passions because I like to entertain and help people, not to read my own writing. As long as I have a passion for a topic, it will be considered.

To summarize, tell me what you think of the following topics:

  • Fitness and Nutrition for Adventure Sports and Travel
  • Lifestyle Posts Relating to Following Your Passion and Work/Life Balance
  • Anything else you notice that I’ve missed but you think I would cover well

Once I have settled on this, big plans are in the works for all of the topics I cover, so it’s important. Thank you in advance for taking the time to give me your feedback!

Happy Trails,


With all I do fitness has become a big part of my life.

With all I do fitness has become a big part of my life. Let’s face it, I’m over 40, so it takes work!


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  1. I guess I didn’t realize you had a regular day job, too. I’d like to hear more about how you balance the two.
    Interacting with different people and cultures is always interesting o matter how far or local. The local food is the best part of that.
    I do enjoy what I’ve read so far. Your adventures are great and you tell the story well.

    1. Gee thanks Allen! I appreciate your kind words. Food is a huge part of every culture. For me I can’t really see a place until I taste its cuisine. Then I feel like I have a better picture of the place.

  2. First, you’re amazing!

    I guess I’d have to say I’d like to see more of “all of the above.” I’m struggling with work-life issues and really don’t know how other bloggers do it – unless everyone is really, really tired like me.

    Eating healthy on the road and exercising are more relevant to me now than a year or so ago. When traveling for business, I just don’t have time (or energy) after going from 7 a.m. to 10 or 11 p.m.

    Keep up the adventures, I enjoying traveling vicariously through your posts, photos and Tweets 🙂



    1. Thanks Jenn!

      I admire YOUR blog! I’ll be the first to admit I don’t eat well on the road, mostly because (as you know) we are often provided a fixed menu that highlights local cuisine. To pass it up would mean losing a big part of the experience. At home I work hard to make up for the lapse…

  3. I would love to hear more about fitness and nutrition for Adventure and Sports travel. I think this would be a big draw to many readers. It is very difficult to find the right balance of food and fitness in a busy life, and when hiking, backing, or exploring, these things are very important to a successful and enjoyable trip. ( by the way, your fitness is obviously great because you look fantastic in your picture above!)

    I would also like to hear more about how you balance your work life with your passion. You and Rachelle have inspired me to become a blogger and I find the challenges daunting. I would like to know more about your success and how you keep it all together in your busy life.

    In all, I love your posts. keep up the good work and I look forward to working with you in the future.

    1. Wow, thanks Maranda! Both Rachelle and I are super excited about your blog concept. You really need to do it!!! I’m always here as a resource. I appreciate your feedback.


  4. Hey! To start with, you look fantastic! I wish I could look the same and I’m 23 :-P. I personally would be interested in your diet programme: what you eat when you travel, what food you avoid eating with some tips on how to lose some weight when travelling. Any fitness advice with a short video would be great as well. I constantly travel and find so difficult to look fit. On the one hand, I want to look good, but on the other it’s so difficult not to eat all delicious food surrounding me. I can’t believe you can balance it. Somehow, I struggle. So this is what I would read on your website :)x

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