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Earlier this month I was nominated to enter the Capture the Color contest by Ted of Traveling Ted. It was a lot of fun digging through my photos looking for each color. I also realized that I should use the color-tagging feature in Lightroom, but what fun would that be? The hardest part was choosing just one photo for each color.


Blue came the easiest for me as one of my favorite photos fits the bill. This shot is of Wild Goose Island in St. Mary’s Lake, Glacier National Park. While the photo looks effortless and peaceful, it took me four tries to get the right time of day and weather, then my tripod broke. Nonetheless, I got the shot and have it framed by my desk.

Wild Goose Island Overlook, Glacier National Park


Green was also an easy find. Living in Florida, I sometimes tire of all the nearly 100% green photos I take. However, I’m not one to take anything for granted, so I continue to shoot photos of my beautiful home state with enthusiasm. Here is one of my favorites of Rainbow Springs.

Canoes on Rainbow Springs, Florida


Anyone who has spent time with me knows they will lose all of my attention as soon as a bird shows up. I’m not knowledgeable enough to call myself a “birder,” I just love them. This photo is of a great egret wading through yellow grass along the shore of Lake Dora, Florida.

Great Egret, Lake Dora, Florida


Back to Glacier National Park, this shot is of the Logan Pass visitor’s center along the Going-to-the-Sun Road. The crazy thing is this was taken in July, just three days after they finished plowing the road for summer visitors. The snow still reached the eves of the building and the sidewalks resembled canyons through the 8-foot high snow.

Logan Pass Visitor’s Center on the Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park


These arches were just outside my room at the El Sueño Hotel in Puebla, Mexico. The red painted stucco, colorful tiles, and heavy wooden door combined to highlight the historic architecture of the building, which was once a private home.

El Sueño Arches, Puebla Mexico

El Sueño Arches, Puebla Mexico

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  1. I absolutely love your yellow entry that could have also been white. The bird is a crane, I think. They live mainly in wetlands in my country.

    1. Thanks Ele! I know we chatted on Twitter about the bird, I’m sticking with great egret for now. Please keep the comments coming!

  2. I was smart to nominate you as these pictures are incredible. You are correct, the white bird is a great egret aka common or American egret. The only white crane is a whooping crane and they have blank tipped wings and a red slash on their head.

    The green photo looks like a fantastic place to canoe. Take me there 🙂

    1. Thank you! You’re much better with bird ID than I am! I’d be happy to show you Rainbow Springs if you visit. I haven’t paddled it yet so that would be a first for me too. The grounds around the spring and river were once a park and zoo with man-made waterfalls and stone animal enclosures. Both interesting and weird.

  3. Holy WOW. What gorgeous shots.
    I’ll have to agree on the Yellow shot. That bird is just lovely with the marshland grass? maybe?

    But the red shot just really got me. UTTERLY gorgeous coloring.

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