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I’m a big believer in keeping my goals front and center, so I keep a vision board near my desk. It helps me stay focused on what steps I need to take to achieve my dreams. With the New Year approaching, several friends and I met to update our boards. It was a lot of fun comparing goals and looking back on what we achieved in 2012. Once again, my list contains many travel, health and family items, so my vision board has images of all of these.

Notice I don’t refer to my goals as wishes or resolutions. I just don’t buy into “wishing,” I work hard for all that comes my way. Maybe it’s me, but wishing has never yielded any results. I also don’t do New Year’s resolutions. People tend to feel that once a resolution is broken, all is lost. I look at my goals as an ongoing process, many little steps adding up to a whole. That means each step in the right direction is good, and if I wander off track, I get back on it tomorrow. Never give up.

I feel a little narcissistic writing about my goals on my blog, but just the process of writing this post helps me clarify in my mind where I want to be by the end of the next year. Sometimes it’s healthy to be a little self-indulgent.

That said, I achieved many of my 2012 goals and now I’m looking forward to 2013. Here is what I’m focusing on in the New Year:


  • Spend more time in Mexico – I hadn’t been to Mexico since I was 11 years old until this past May. Then I visited three times in rapid succession. The country and its people quickly won me over and I hope continue exploring the adventure sports and cuisine of Mexico this year.
  • Finally visit Europe, Asia or Africa – I’ve never really counted how many countries I’ve visited. I spent years in the South Pacific and Caribbean, and visited Venezuela, Mexico, Costa Rica and the Bahamas. Unfortunately, I still haven’t made it to Europe, Asia or Africa. Hopefully 2013 will take me to one or all.
  • Cuba – This destination has been on my list for a while but the right opportunity just hasn’t come along. I’d like to see the country before it’s too easy and it becomes overrun and commercialized.
  • Continue to Explore Utah – I’m not sure how I missed this state for so long, but I’m impressed by the wide variety of adventure activities available there. Hiking, biking and rappelling plus a full range of winter sports. My first trip in 2013 is already booked to this adventurer’s paradise.
  • Summer in Lake Tahoe– Tahoe isn’t just a travel destination for me, it’s also home to family. I’ll haunt the trails in the Destination Wilderness with my sister a bunch this summer.

    In 2013 I plan to expand my collection of Mexican door photos. They are so cool!


  • Continue my journey toward health and strength – I made huge strides in this area in 2012. Now I just need to maintain the momentum and up the bar. Much of what I do depends on good health, so taking care of my body is a priority. Hint, this item is permanently on my list because I can never stop taking care of myself.
  • Earn my Personal Trainer Certification – My journey toward health actually began in the late 90s when I became a firefighter. I had to transform myself from sedentary and out of shape, to strong enough to pass the final physical challenge in fire standards – which I did on the first try. It wasn’t easy and I learned a lot about fitness training. Many times since then I’ve considered obtaining my certification as a personal trainer, mostly because I write on the topic often and it would give me more expertise to draw from. I finally plan to do it.
  • Become Location Independent – This is the year I plan to make the leap to a more nomadic lifestyle. I feel a pull toward new places and both of my children are grown, leaving me with just my cats and dog. I’ve already begun the process by investing in good virtual office systems and now I’m ready to be on the road much more. Next, I need to purge a house full of “stuff.”
  • Write full time – I am a business owner and spend 80% of my workday running that business. My goal this year is to make writing primary and the business part-time. It’s a big step, but one that needs to happen. Luckily, I have the business work “down to a science” and a cooperative business partner who supports my move.
  • Spend more time with family and loved ones – This one is self-explanatory. I’m blessed with a beautiful family and a sweet boyfriend. Being more mobile will allow me to be with those I care about.

Thank you for tolerating my self-centered post. I hope that it will inspire you to take some time to set your 2013 goals. Like 2012, I suspect 2013 will be a fun and interesting journey, follow along as I share the adventure.

 Now that I’ve told you where I’m headed this year, how about you tell me what you have on your list of goals. Fun places? Personal projects? Please comment below!

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  1. Congrats on your ambitions! I think that you can do whatever you put your mind to. You can become location independent and successful if you work hard at it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Happy New Year!

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