Baboon Island

Explore the Gambia: Nature Opportunities

Baboon Island

Photo by Ross Burton

African destinations continue to be a popular choice for holidaymakers looking for a little more adventure than the typical short haul summer spots, and with Gambia flights from flythomascook, you can enjoy what this west coast country has to offer for less.

While the stunning coastline and beautiful weather provide much of the appeal for a visit to Gambia, it’s certainly not the be all and end all of this incredibly diverse area. The ambiance and charisma that the atmosphere provides is incredible, not to mention the nature that can be appreciated during your stay.

It may be Africa’s smallest mainland country, almost entirely enveloped by Senegal, but The Gambia is famed for some of the gracious creatures that are native to the area and, with a visit to the nature reserves during your stay, you will be able to witness monkeys, crocodiles and exotic birds in their natural habitat.

Baobolong Wetland Reserve

Covering 220km, this national park is the largest in The Gambia and is home to a plethora of species, including bushbabies, baboons, warthogs and mongooses. While a trip here will inevitably mean you’ll be up close and personal with the wildlife, you may also be able to catch a rare glimpse of a hyena or crocodile. Alternatively, join a boat tour through the mangroves.

Baboon Island

Also known as the River Gambia National Park, the Baboon Islands are an archipelago of five islands in the Gambia River that are home to a chimpanzee reintroduction project. While landing on the islands isn’t allowed, boat trips around the islands are thoroughly recommended.

The wildlife fun doesn’t stop there either. If you’d prefer your excursion to be a little more structured, the Kunta Gambia Experience provide visits to the Bigilo Forest Park, where you can spot native monkeys including the green velvet monkey and the red colobus.

Spend your time wisely in the Gambia, appreciating everything that this fantastic country has to offer.

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