Fly camping tips and tricks: The podcast

Fly Camping

The image I posted a few weeks ago inspired a full podcast.

Several weeks ago, I had such a good response to the photo of my parents fly camp that I posted, that it gave me the idea to record a Fly Camping episode over on my podcast at AME High. Fly camping is simply camping with your plane, and is also called airplane camping. I guess you were on to something, because at last check, this podcast had been downloaded over 9,000 times.

Because your response is what gave me the idea, I thought you might be interested, so here it is.

Fly Camping: A podcast hosted by Erika Wiggins
If flash is throwing off your device, try this link: Listen to this episode
Enjoy, and let me know what you think of podcasts. Are they something I should bring over to The Active Explorer?

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  1. Nicely done. But I have a question. Is the term “fly camping” a regional term? I’ve always known it as airplane camping. Other modes are “car camping” and “motorcycle camping.” Just curious as to how you are using the term. –Brent

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