Sauce Chill Toque

Gear review: Sauce Chill Toque hat

Sauce Chill Toque

We loved that this hat stayed in place - even with long hair.

As a member of the Outdoor Blogger Network, I recently had the opportunity to review the Sauce Chill Toque hat and I must say I was impressed.

Sauce allowed me my choice of color so I chose the Purple Pinwheel pattern. It was bright and cheery.

My first test of the hat was during a brisk walk on a 46 degree Fahrenheit morning. I usually wear my medium length hair in a ponytail, which causes a problem with most hats. However, the Chill Toque seemed to be designed with this in mind. The hat stayed in place comfortably without riding up my head. Throughout my 4-mile trek, I never had to tug it back in place, a true first for me. The inner lining was soft and comfortable against my ears while the outer layer effectively blocked the wind.

For a second test, I wore the hat on the same length walk but on a 65-degree morning. After about 10 minutes, my head was uncomfortably warm and I choose to remove the hat. Frankly, I just didn’t need a hat at that temperature.

Lastly, I recruited my son’s friend, Mary, to try the hat since she has to contend with much longer hair. She used the ventilation hole at the top of the hat to pass her ponytail through – and it was genius! The hat with her ponytail hanging out was amazingly cute. I suspect I’ll be purchasing another Chill Toque for her in the near future.

Sauce Chill Toque - Back View

The vent at the top is perfect for passing a ponytail through.

Overall, I love this hat and look forward to wearing it backpacking and hiking on cold days. Its ability to stay put, while containing my hair, combined with the comfy inside liner, are my two favorite qualities.

I would like to thank Sauce Headwear for the opportunity to test the Toque hat; it’s a great product for a multitude of adventure sports. As my regular readers know, I won’t say anything nice unless it’s deserved. This hat earned its two thumbs up!



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