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The ability to spray water opens up more uses for a hydration pack, from cleaning a wound to sharing with your dog.


Proper hydration can mean the difference between a successful adventure and a painful failure. I’ve written on this topic many times, most recently as a featured contributor to the Hydration Summit:

During the summit, I became familiar with GEIGERRIG, a hydration pack manufacturer. I was blown away by their commitment to hydration awareness and by their innovation hydration systems. Quite simply, their packs don’t suck. No. I’m not being flippant; their packs are pressurized, so they spray rather than requiring users to suck on a bite valve.

Outdoor Retailer named GEIGERRIG Packs Best New Product and they have received high reviews by Camping Life, Los Angeles Times and more. I also tested their pack and found it to be comfortable, convenient, and practically bombproof.

Features I liked in addition to the pressurization:


  • Durable ballistic Nylon construction
  • Easy to clean – The bladder can be turned inside-out and is dishwasher-safe
  • Functions in any position, even upside-down – Yes, I tested this!
  • In-line filter option allows refills from questionable sources
  • Insulated tube and garage option for freezing temperatures
  • Adjustable fit
  • Bladder is transferable to other packs

More reviews and information on the GEIGERRIG pack are available HERE.


The in-line filter allows direct refills from questionable water sources.

How would you like to have your own GEIGERRIG pack and filter – for FREE? The folks at GEIGERRIG were kind enough to provide me with a second RIG 500 pack and the in-line filter to give away! The giveaway is easy to enter, just log into the Rafflecopter window below which will ask you to leave a comment on this blog post telling me how you would use the pack if you win. Additionally, you can earn more chances to win by using any of the other options in Rafflecopter as well. Rest assured, your email information will not be shared. This Giveaway is open only to legal residents of the 50 states of the U.S. (and the District of Columbia).

This is the first time I have used the Rafflecopter system, so please let me know if you have technical difficulties.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


GEIGERRIG provided the pack and filter for this giveaway at no charge. However, I have no obligation to promote their product in any way. I genuinely liked their pack or I would share it with you.

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  1. I’ve heard some good things about this product and I would like to try it for longer trail runs. Hydration during the heat of the summer is becoming more important in this heat wave. I would be curious to see how this pack would work!

    1. Good luck Bob! I’m sure you would like it. It takes some getting used to, I irrigated my sinuses a few times, but then it’s great.

  2. I do mountain biking, cross country run, and Kayaking. My “camel Back” is really beat up, you can see the plastic bladder now. This is the perfect “gadget” for me!! Severe drought where I live is been for 54 days! Hydration in this sizzling temperatures is a must! What better way to stay hydrated?

  3. we would use it to give me water while trying to hike more than we did last year…which was 1275miles. i’m a service dog, my name is sadie wonder pup 🙂

  4. I lead a Pack Walk group for Dogs and their Responsible owners in Florida. We really need to keep ourselves and our owners well hydrated while doing our 2-5 miles walks. We also have to carry gear with us too, such as Poop bag, extra leashes and collars…..and our owners car keys and wallets and cameras.
    This would be perfect for all our needs! Willow WonderBull of Pack Walk with Willow and Friends.

  5. I love the outdoors and love to hike, hunt, fish, and more. I would use this pack and filtration combo to greatly reduce the amount of water I need to pack while doing these outdoor activities. Water is a hard thing to pack while doing any extensive outdoor trips and this would lighten the load that’s for sure!

  6. I’m a hiking leader in Arizona and with a ton of hikes coming up this fall and winter, I’d love to use this!

  7. I just got one and love it! I would love to win this for my wife as her birthday is coming up in a month. This would be the perfect gift to give her for hitting the trails with our pup!!!

  8. This would be awesome to have with me on my hike down (and up) the Grand Canyon in the spring. Water is at the top of my concern list and the filter would definitely ease some concerns.

  9. From cycle commuting to work in all four seasons to hiking the Enchantments of Washington State, hydration is a must to get from A to B. A pressurised hydration pack would not sit idle, especially since I dehyrate easily. With an inline filter to boot, it make sure that the water is always pure. I’ve heard and seen very good things from Geigerig, I hope to experience it myself sometime!

    1. I love that you cycle commute! The filter is so compact it fits seamlessly in the pack. The fact that the pack is pressurized makes it possible.

  10. I go backpacking and this pack would be perfect for summiting and shorter hikes in the Wasatch and Uinta ranges– and running! This would be perfect for my long runs as I train for my first marathon in October. Cheers!

    1. A marathon. That’s something I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to add to my achievements. That’s awesome! Good luck.

  11. I would give the Geigerrig RIG 500 pack and filter to my daughter who has been working, living and playing in the great north woods of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan all the while working her way through Nursing School. All her life she has been an extreme outdoors enthusiast. She was was the captain and #1 female XC Nordic Skier on her High School XC Ski team winning our local VASA championship two years in a row! She continued on to XC ski in the NWMichgian Junior Olympics team. She mountain bikes, hikes, camps, backpacks, kayaks and pretty much anything she can in the great outdoors. SHE inspires ME and I know she could really use an awesome pack like the Geigerrig RIG 500 to keep her trucking along those Upper Peninsula trails healthy and well hydrated!

  12. Ive often wondered if these are a useful alternative to the backpack with a bottle if water in. I’d be curious to see if it’s worth the spend to have the extra long straw coming round your shoulder for convenience. And also does it have any functionality as a backpack? Is there any space for your wallet/knife/mobile?

  13. I would use this to help keep my 20-month old son hydrated during hikes. Sometimes kids just want to drink the same way mommy and daddy are, so this could be helpful (and we wouldn’t get any backwash or have him struggle to suck any water out).

  14. When I first saw this product I HAD to have one, unfortunately it doesn’t fit into my budget right now. My boyfriend, our dog Cheech and I hike the Utah mountains and go camping regularly. Plus, with a baby one the way it would be so perfect to have one!

    1. Thanks again for all of your support and for entering Dustin! I like your site BTW! I was checking it out this weekend.

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