Building a Survival Kit

Pathfinder Outdoor Survival Guide Set Giveaway


Building a Survival Kit

Building a Survival Kit – One of the comprehensive guides in the set. Enter today!

A few weeks ago, I reviews a set of Pathfinder Outdoor Survival Guides. To read all about them, click here: What’s in my pack: Pathfinder Outdoor Survival Guides.

I’m excited that the publisher has offered a full set for me to give away so a lucky winner! Use the Rafflecopter app below to enter. Don’t forget, by completing all of the option below you get extra entries. Tweet often for even more chances to win!

The set included the following guides:

  • Building a Survival Kit
  • Basic Tracking
  • Basic and Primitive Navigation
  • Improvised Trapping
  • Improvised Hunting Weapons
  • Signaling for Rescue
  • Shelter, Fire, Water
  • Wilderness First Aid

Produced by Waterford Press in collaboration with master woodsman and survivalist Dave Canterbury, these guides are packed with good info to get your tail out of a jam. The guides are printed brochure-style on lightweight, waterproof, vinyl-like paper.

What are you waiting for? Enter today!

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    1. Actually this one is for the Pathfinder Outdoor Survival Guides… Sorry for the typo in Rafflecopter! It’s fixed now and you are entered 🙂

  1. I’d make my husband take it with him when he goes hunting. His friends are always getting lost and I’m sure his turn is coming.

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