Active Explorer on top of Hidden Peak

Playtime at Snowbird Ski Resort: Oktoberfest and epic views

Active Explorer on top of Hidden Peak

Yes! I’m ready to play in the snow!

Seriously overworked with a case of sleep deprivation, I drove up Little Cottonwood Canyon for a needed break at Snowbird Ski Resort. My plan…meet with fellow blogger Joshua Riggins for an afternoon of Oktoberfest fun, connect with the Ski Utah crew for dinner on Hidden Peak, enjoy drinks at Aerie, and spend the night in the Cliff Lodge.

My hair in pigtails and my eyes bloodshot from days in front of a computer, I must have looked like I’d already had a few steins of Oktoberfest brew before I even showed up.

Oktoberfest at Snowbird has a long history. Here is a little about the festival from their website:

“Snowbird’s Oktoberfest began in 1973 when two men costumed in leather lederhosen, inspired by the towering mountains that reminded them of their homeland, came to Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort to play their accordions and sing in their native German tongue.

“Attracting over 60,000 visitors, Oktoberfest has grown to become one of the largest festivals in Utah. Oktoberfest includes Oktoberfest Halle featuring the tastes of Bavaria with entertainment from local and national German bands and yodelers.”

Joshua and I grabbed big glass stains of black beer and contemplated which rich German treats to indulge in for lunch. By no means is Oktoberfest an event for the waistline conscious. I’d tossed any thought of light-and-lean out the window and enjoyed the gluttony.

Oktoberfest Brew at Snowbird

The black beer was my favorite, can you tell?

After lunch, more friends joined us; events like this are always more fun with a crowd! We decided to try Snowbird’s new Mountain Coaster that opened this summer. Joshua and I have a history of riding roller coasters like big kids and this was no exception. Granted, two steins of beer helped our enthusiasm. We piled into the cart laughing. The coaster rolled upslope into the trees, one of the coolest features of the ride. It winds through natural forest, over snow yesterday, reminiscent of backcountry skiing. Toward the end, it picked up speed, plummeting down the hillside. I wouldn’t call it an adrenaline ride, but it was unique and fun.

Realizing I was running late, I left my friends and caught the tram to Hidden Peak to meet up with the Ski Utah blog crew for pizza with a view. This was the first time I’d met the other bloggers and it immediately hit me that I was joining a very talented group of writers and videographers. I’ll admit, I felt honored to have been invited to join them.

You could feel the excitement as we walked through snow, looked over the slopes, and discussed our content plans for ski season. Individually we are all snow sports enthusiasts, but combined, our stoke for powder is off the rails. Sharing that stoke with others is clearly a common passion. To follow what we produce this season, follow us on the Ski Utah Blog (shameless plug).

Hidden Peak View

Our dinner view from Hidden Peak.

Nearing Sunset on Hidden Peak

Nearing Sunset

Moving our gathering from the peak to The Aerie, we spent more hours brainstorming ideas for sharing what we love via words and video while looking out at the amazing mountain view. I’m not much of a lounge girl, but I really liked Aerie because of the view and the cozy seating arrangements that made our gathering feel intimate and comfy.

Waking this morning, I tossed open the curtains to the same mountain view, only dimly lit by the dawn light. I had hopes of sleeping in, but my mind was on a new project that needs attention while I have a free day. More on that soon….

Cliff Lodge Room

My morning view from the Cliff Lodge. No I didn’t make the bed, there were two…

 If you go:

Oktoberfest 2013: Saturdays and Sundays, August 17- October 13 Noon to 6 pm – PDF Program

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