Flowers at White Pine Lake, Utah

Podcast: Solo adventure tips and safety

Flowers at White Pine Lake, Utah

A pretty scene from a recent solo backpacking trip.

After a bit of a break, I’m back up and recording on the podcast. My break is not without cause. Let me share…

For the last month, I’ve been eyeballs deep in building my business, Active Explorer Media. Actually, it’s more like formalizing something I’ve been doing for years. In addition to writing, I’m expanding my social media coaching services. It’s been both exciting and overwhelming to balance business building with existing assignments. Obviously a few things fell through the cracks because I still needed time to eat, sleep and spend time with the people I love (a priority I will not allow to fall through the cracks…ever!)

I’ve learned that life is a continual act of choosing, because something isn’t going to get done. It’s about setting priorities and sticking to them, even when other stuff is yanking your chain and gnashing its teeth. When something threatens to push less demanding, yet more important, priorities out of the way, give it a swift kick to the curb.

This blog and the podcast are important to me, but the people in my life will always trump them. The free time I have had recently has been spent with intention and focus on the people I love. Doing this, I’ve prevented burnout and managed to keep up the blog for over four years.

Big Agnes UL1

This tent is light and compact.

This week’s podcast is on Solo Adventuring. Enjoy it either on iTunes or Podbean. Here are the details:

Solo Adventure Tips and Safety

Maintaining an active lifestyle sometimes means adventuring solo. It is both liberating and enjoyable to spend time with your own company, yet there are a few considerations to making it both safe and comfortable. Put simply, there is less margin for errors when you adventure solo.

In this podcast I cover:

  • Safety – Planning, transportation, and getting some experience first
  • Tech Tools
  • Mindset
  • When not to go it alone
  • Boredom
  • Being judged by others for going solo
  • Tune Worms

I also give an update on my new ventures, solo recording, and a pilgrimage to Burning Man.

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  1. Erika,
    All is interesting and obviously exciting and beautiful! I tried to become a “follower” on pod beam but failed due to my lack of technological communication skills! Happy to see you “at it” again!

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