Road trip music for the Active Explorer

On a road trip to Zion National Park for some Thanksgiving weekend hiking. Good tunes always make the drive more enjoyable!

Since the late 1930’s when Route 66 was completed, road trips have become a staple of the American people.  I have fond memories of my parents packing up the station wagon (and later the mini-van), ushering my brother and I into the back seats,  and trekking across America to some distant family member or long awaited vacation destination.  We had sandwiches, we had road trip games (eye-spy anyone?) and best of all, we had music.

Today’s perfect road trip requires the right playlist to pass the time and keep the energy high.  The selection however, is up to the individual.  My husband is a big punk and heavy metal fan and loves to crank up The Clash or Iron Maiden on a long trip.  Me?  I’ve been known to drive from Nashville to Florida while belting out the broadway score to Rent (don’t judge).    Other times, we travel together and require a compromise which includes rock, pop, and a little country.  Whatever keeps you motivated, that’s your perfect playlist.

What’s your favorite road trip tune?  This question was posed to the Active Explorer readers and the answers came pouring in.  Everyone offered up their opinion of the perfect song (or two).   When I was asked to add my ideas, I jumped at the chance to contribute.  What I love about this is that with so many different views on the subject, I have compiled a playlist of songs that my husband and I both agree we could enjoy for hours on end.  I hope you will too.

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  1. Most of my road trip tunes are up tempo and heavy on instrumentals. Lately I have been listening to Stranglehold whenever I get in the car; it is the only Ted Nugent song I will listen to.

    Typically I have Hendrix, Santana, Led Zep, and Van Halen on heavy rotation but I also have lots of blues, rap, Buffett, Cash, and lots of dance/BPM.

    Take care!

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