Bullhead Lake on the Swiftcurrent Trail

Photo escape: A second look at Many Glacier Valley

Bullhead Lake on the Swiftcurrent Trail

Bullhead Lake on the Swiftcurrent Trail in Many Glacier Valley

Sometimes the best images aren’t the first ones we notice. Tonight I decided to go back through my shots of Glacier National Park looking for “second round” picks. I was surprised at the great captures I hadn’t paid attention to initially.

If you’re not familiar, Many Glacier Valley is on the east side of the park. While you can see some spectacular views from the road and overlooks, to really appreciate this area, you must get out on a trail. Overall, I found this to be true in Glacier. The best is reserved for those who are willing to work for the reward.

Here are some of my favorite images:

Many Glacier Valley 1

Many Glacier Valley - My Shadow

Many Glacier Valley - 3

Many Glacier Valley - 4

Many Glacier Valley - 5

Many Glacier Valley - 6

Many Glacier Valley - 7

Many Glacier Valley - 8

After this short exercise, I’m going to take another pass through my photos for images I’ve failed to appreciate. Have you ever gone through your archives and found specials shots you missed?

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  1. Lovely! I arrived Many Glacier just as a Thunderstorm did. The weather was exciting to watch from the comfort of the lodge, but there was no hiking that afternoon. I hope to get back in a couple months. Care to join me???

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