Ski areas at La Plagne, France

Unusual activities to try in La Plagne, France

Ski areas at La Plagne, France

Ski areas at La Plagne, France – Photo by Rob Pughsley via Flickr

Today’s guest post features a few unusual activities found in La Plagne, France. Enjoy!

La Plagne in France is a brilliant place for a skiing or snowboarding holiday, but that’s not actually the main reason I want to go there (though it certainly helps!). What really caught my attention about La Plagne was its brilliant set of unusual activities.

One of the nice things about these is that there seems to be something for people of all ages. For instance, there’s some pretty daring stuff you can have a go at if you’re travelling with a big group of friends, while there’s also plenty of family-friendly fun too.

To give you a few ideas about what you can do during your trip, I’ve put together a list of my personal favorites below.


I think this is the activity that appeals to me most. What’s particularly exciting about the bobsleigh track here is that it offers you the choice of three different experiences, all of which sound amazing! There are age/height restrictions on all of them, but they vary, so I’ll include those below too.

• Bob raft: This is the most family-friendly of three experiences. Up to four people can ride in a self-piloted vehicle, which will shoot down the track at around 80 km/h.  Minimum age 14/minimum height 1.30 m.
• Speed luge: This option is particularly exciting if you’re keen to have a really good view during your descent – and to feel exceptionally close to the ice! Rather than sitting upright, you’ll be in a kind of half-lying, half-sitting position, as the unique vehicle you’ll be riding in is a cross between a bobsleigh and a luge. Expect to reach speeds of 90 km/h! Minimum age 16.
• Bob racing: If you want to have an experience that’s as close as possible to real bobsleigh racing, go for the bob racing option. For this, you’ll share a sleigh with a professional rider, who will drive down the track at around 120 km/h. Minimum age 18.

Moonlight ski trips

My next two activity suggestions don’t have as many different options, so hopefully I should be able to keep these descriptions reasonably brief! If you’re an intermediate to experienced skier, I think a moonlight ski package sounds like an incredible thing to try.

As you’ve no doubt guessed from the name, trips like these involve skiing by the light of the moon – but some packages offer much more than that. For example, you could start by enjoying the sunset at Grande Rochette – with views of Courchevel and Mont Blanc – before tucking into a traditional Savoyade meal.

Once you’ve eaten your fill of fondue, charcuterie and local liqueur genepi, you can then begin your guided moonlight descent. You’ll follow a blue run, with headlamps to help you slide your way back to La Plagne.

Moonlight Skiing in La Plagne, France

Moonlight Skiing – Photo by A. Munich


The final unusual activity on my wish list is having a go on an airboard. Probably best described as snow bodyboards, airboards allow you to glide down the slopes.

At La Plagne, you can take part in Last Track Airboard, which is open to anyone aged 16 and above. Every Thursday and Friday evening, a local ski school instructor leads participants on the final ride down the snow – a really fun way to end a day’s skiing or boarding.

If, like me, all these amazing activities have made you want to go to La Plagne, you can find decent accommodation with companies like Snowchateaux.

Skier in La Plagne, France

Fun on the slopes – Photo by A. Munich


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