Cold Spring Shelter on the Appalachian Trail

A misty day at Cold Spring Shelter

A misty day at Cold Spring Shelter

The Appalachian Trail (A.T.) is supported by a series of shelters which provide a convenient alternative to pitching a tent. Some are nicer than others. Cold Spring is best described as “historic” and it has a good dose of character. The walls are embellished with years of graffiti, the roof has a few drips, and the mice are friendly.

All that said, I was happy to find it when my knee bummed out on my first A.T. section hike. True to its name, a cold spring flowed just feet from the shelter. It was so cold I was able to set a batch of lemon pudding in its chilly pool. Mmmmm! I also met four other spirited hikers who distracted me from my pain. A physical therapist even stopped by and checked my injury.

This photo shows a little of the mist that blew through camp ahead of the coming showers. Looking back, Cold Spring hold some of my best memories of that hike. The other thing I’ll never forget (again)…my hiking poles!

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  1. Sorry to hear that you hurt your knee, but it is pretty funny that a physical therapist came by to help out. This is what is great about the hiking community: they are always happy to help out. Since you successfully posted this article I can assume you made it out okay. Happy Holidays!

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  3. Greate experiece you had when hiking and resting in Cold Spring Shelter. Love to go there when I have a chance. Nice article and please keep it up.

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