Fran and Rachelle paddling

Photos of the day: Three bloggers kayaking the Wekiwa

Wekiva Paddle Chacos

My regular paddling destination, the Wekiwa River. I never get bored thanks to all of the wildlife.

For the past week, I’ve completely slacked on blog posts. First I had a few typical “life” events crop up, and now I’m stricken with an upper respiratory bug that has the unexpected side effect of making me forget how to spel.

So today, I’m going to keep things simple and share a few photos from a recent kayaking trip with fellow bloggers, Rachelle of The Travel Bite, and Fran of Journey in Focus. We had a great time checking out birds, turtles, and alligators while exchanging girl-talk and giggles. Enjoy these photos and I’ll be back up with my regular posts soon.

Gators on the Wekiwa

I have never paddled the Wekiwa without seeing a multitude of gators. These two were just babies.

Fran and Rachelle paddling

Most of the time I paddle solo, so it was fun to have company a few weeks ago.


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