Founder and Editor: Erika Wiggins

Erika Wiggins

Erika Wiggins

Erika Wiggins is the founder and editor of The Active Explorer. Her writing focuses on adventure sports, travel and dining. Originally from Palo Alto, California, Erika sailed the South Pacific and Caribbean as a child and continues to travel extensively throughout North America and Mexico. In addition to travel, her passions include fitness, unique local cuisines, strong coffee and wine.



Outdoor Adventure Contributor: Laura Manina

Laura Manina

Laura Manina

Laura Manina is an avid backpacker, skier and mountain biker based in the Lake Tahoe area during the summer. During the winter, she and her husband Mitch, cruise the waters of Mexico on their boat The Hanali. A professional photographer for over 25 years, Laura also holds a degree in journalism. In addition to being a regular contributor to The Active Explorer, Laura is Erika Wiggins’ sister.




Climbing Contributor: Brandon Aegerter

Brandon Aegerter is an avid rock climber based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Originally from Wyoming, Brandon grew up with action sports and climbing became his passion. Brandon has an affinity for helping people and a graduate degree in social work helps him promote that. Brandon has traveled throughout the country and abroad (Ghana) and has developed a strong taste for travel.



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