Before and After

Stepping up my fitness with CrossFit

Today I felt a need to take a break from all of the hiking and skiing posts I’ve been writing so I’m sharing some lifestyle stuff that led to a shift in my fitness routine. I’ve been in a season of change since before I left Florida. I can’t say exactly when it really started to really take off, perhaps …

Fly Camping

Photo escape: Fly camping

Not all camping trips need to start from a car or backpack. My parents opted to fly to this destination. In fact, they are not alone, there is quite a network of fly-in campgrounds and resorts across the nation. Some are unofficial, while others market themselves to the flying community. Have you heard of, or even tried fly camping before?

Hiking Devil’s Garden, Arches National Park

The entrance into Arches National Park is less assuming than others I’ve visited. The signage and buildings meld into the landscape so well, I almost drove right past. After paying my fee, I drove the switchbacks up the hillside and leveled off in another world. Red dirt, stone towers and erosion-carved cliffs opened up before me and it was all …