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Photo escape: Fly camping

Fly Camping

My parents camp in Rome, Georgia.

Not all camping trips need to start from a car or backpack. My parents opted to fly to this destination. In fact, they are not alone, there is quite a network of fly-in campgrounds and resorts across the nation. Some are unofficial, while others market themselves to the flying community. Have you heard of, or even tried fly camping before?

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  1. Airplane camping has been around for about as long as airplanes. Fly into a field and pitch a tent for the night. Of course, this doesn’t happen at O Hare, but it happens at Red Stewart Airfield, Waynesville, Ohio, one of the nicest and most active grass airstrips I’ve ever seen.

    My brother and his wife fly around the Midwest in his Cessna 170 meeting up with other like minded aircraft owners. There is a big fly-in campout on Washington Island, Wisconsin every year. Here is a video I made, “Camping out at the Airport.”


  2. Brent,

    Thank you for sharing the video of your brother and his wife’s camping adventures. We so enjoyed watching it!

  3. There a number of places that you can camp at in Idaho. Johnson Creek (3U2) comes to mind. Been up there quite a few times in both a Citabria GCBC and a 1965 Mooney. Idaho does a fantastic job maintaining their back country runways.

  4. Found this on You Tube……….does a pretty good job illustrating some of the highlights of Johnson Creek. It is pretty easy to get into, but a little research ahead of time is a good idea. Depending on your aircraft and your ability, some will pass overhead and descend over Yellow Pine, others can keep it in the canyon where the strip is located. I guess it depends on whether or not you want a more disciplined descent or like coming down like a sack of hammers!

    And yes, I’ve been to the tub!

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