The Rose Estb - Interior

Coffee Craving: The Rose Estb in Salt Lake City

The Rose Estb - Interior

It took a cup of French press coffee before I could appreciate the warm and welcoming decor at The Rose Estb.

Frosty morning air made me walk a little faster toward The Rose Estb (I’m following their lead by abbreviating Establishment), a coffee spot I’d been hearing about for months. I was so chilled and under-caffeinated I started imagining the flavor of what I hoped would be a primo cup of java from a block away.

The Rose Estb is located in a historic warehouse district of downtown Salt Lake City. The building, originally built by the Cudahy Packing Company in 1918, retains an open, industrial feel with lots of warm brick and fresh touches. However, I wasn’t there to judge the décor, I needed food and coffee – now.

The first thing I noticed was a French press behind the counter. “I’ll have some of THAT,” I told the barista. With coffee started, I scanned over the simple menu. I’m always one to try something different for breakfast, so I picked toast with avocado. The toast was nearly an inch thick, studded with seeds and topped with a liberal smear of avocado with olive oil, cracked pepper and fleur de sel.

The Rose Estb Avocado Toast

The Avocado Toast

My friend ordered the muesli topped with Greek yogurt and fresh, delectable berries. She also mentioned that they recently won an award for their porridge.

The Rose Estb - Muesli

Muesli with Greek Yogurt, berries and honey…mmm.

With a steamy cup of fresh-pressed coffee in hand and my avo toast half eaten, I finally looked around and really took in the vibe of the café. It checked all the boxes I look for in a coffee shop, good food, excellent coffee and an atmosphere that makes me want to sit a write all day (my personal test of a coffee shop’s value).

If your travels take you to downtown Salt Lake City, The Rose Estb is worth seeking out. I found it by asking local food bloggers such as SLC Foodie for “don’t miss” dining spots in town, and I wasn’t disappointed.

In addition to coffee and breakfast, The Rose also serves tea and pastries. The next time I visit, I plan to go for something sweet because the pastry case looked very tempting. Additionally, they always offer both vegan and gluten-free options. Some items are always available while others rotate. For example, this week The Rose has a vegan-chili and cornbread special; however, the avocado toast I had is a regular vegan item.

Business hours are Monday through Saturday 7 am to 7pm, and on Sundays from 8am to 5pm. Also, if you are looking for dinner, next-door is Pallet, a highly respected restaurant that is on my list to try.

The Rose Estb - Retail goods

In addition to coffee, tea and food, The Rose sells a few retail goods.

This post is the beginning of my quest to sample the best independent coffee houses in downtown Salt Lake City. So far, I’ve visited Alchemy, Coffee Garden and The Rose Estb. Where to next…? If you know of an independent café that welcomes under-caffeinated writers with a distinctive lack of fashion sense, please comment below.

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