Photo escape: Sunset and wildflowers at Alta Ski Area

Alta Ski Area Sunset

Alta Ski Area Sunset and Wildflowers

I picked my camera up for fun last night after nearly three months of only shooting work photos. A friend had invited me to view the wildflower bloom and sunset at Alta Ski Area about 35 minutes from my home in Salt Lake City. Realizing I hadn’t had my Nikon outdoors since I moved here, I gladly accepted and loaded my gear.

We hiked up into the Albion Basin above the town of Alta as the sun neared the horizon. That gave me just enough time to take some photos with pretty light before the sky began to turn color. Overall, the sunset wasn’t spectacular, but the wildflowers made the images come alive. Here is one that I liked. Soon I’ll post a photo essay with all of my favorites. Enjoy!


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  1. Erika-

    I was wondering what cameras you use when day hiking? I have a nice Cannon 35 mm with some zoom and wide angle lenses. However, I’m looking to purchase a smaller point and shoot or similar that does not require all the bulk. Any suggestions? Hope all is well! I can’t wait to book another trip out to Utah!


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