Photo of the day: Classic Florida wetlands

The Florida landscape includes more than sandy beaches. I spend a fair bit of time hiking in Central Florida, and some of my favorite landscapes are Florida wetlands. This photo was taken in the Orlando Wetlands Park this February, and I feel it epitomizes beauty of my favorite Florida scene. On this hike/walk we saw dozens of alligators, birds and pretty foliage, but this simple shot was my favorite.

Orlando wetlands iris.

Orlando wetlands iris.

If you visit the Orlando Wetlands Park:

Please keep in mind that the Park is OPEN February 1 through November 14 each year, and CLOSED on November 15 and remains closed through January 31 of each year.

Information about the Park can also be found at City’s Families, Parks and Recreation web site.

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  1. What a great shot! It’s amazing how beautiful natural Florida can be. Sometimes tourists and even residents just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of theme parks and downtown and just explore the real Florida outdoors.

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