Photo of the day: Two Medicine Lake, Glacier National Park

Two Medicine Lake, Glacier National Park

The last place I visited from my bucket-list was Glacier National Park, Montana

When I returned recently from three weeks of traveling, preceded by two other trips to Mexico, a friend posted on my Facebook wall that it must be nice to be home. I didn’t reply because I’m not one to be negative, but I wasn’t happy. I wanted to keep going. Don’t get me wrong, I looooved the places I visited, it’s just that they just left me hungry for more!

Now that I’ve been home for two weeks, I’m already searching Kayak, United and Southwest etc. looking for my next adventure. Even though I have a camping trip to Blairsville, Georgia, followed by a caving trip near Chattanooga, on the horizon, I want to go further. That got me looking over my bucket list for a goal. The last place I picked from my list was Glacier National Park, Montana. While there, I took this photo of Two Medicine Lake. Perhaps if I set a date to visit another one of my wish-list destinations I’d feel better. Who knows, maybe I’ll even look for flights to Perth. I’ve never visited Australia before….

Who am I kidding? I won’t feel better until I get on a plane.

Tell me, if you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Leave a comment below.

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    1. The only issue I had were the mosquitoes in that area. I think they hatched a bumper crop right before my hike! I really enjoy your site BTW!

    1. I think you would enjoy the area. Epic views and tons of trails. They also have Moose Drool beer which is a must try.

    1. I was thinking of you guys when I posted this wondering if you had made your trip yet. I’m VERY jealous. Hopefully I can get back up that way soon for some backpacking.

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