Alpacas aren't just adorable, their fur makes durable products too.

What’s in my pack: Snuggly Toes foot warmers

Alpacas aren't just adorable, their fur makes durable products too.

Alpacas aren’t just adorable, their fur makes durable products too. Photo credit – Shelby Root on Flickr

Throughout the year, I receive items to test. Most are from large manufacturers or retailers. However, three times this year I received items from small businesses that have developed innovative, awesome products. I can’t help but get super excited when I get to be a part of what they are building – the American Dream.

The first I reviewed was the Geigerrig Hydration Pack. Admittedly, Geigerrig is well on its way to being more than a small business. But it’s still small enough that Bob Geiger personally answered my questions and followed in a personal manner before, during and after my gear testing of his product.

The second was the Gobi Hobo Roll. I liked that all of my email conversations were directly with the designer/business owner. Again, it was an innovative product that I’m thrilled to pack regularly.

Today I’m going to share another product by a small business – Snuggly Toes. The owner and developer, Meredith O’Neil, quickly won my heart being a fellow traveler and corporate escapee. Now she raises alpacas full-time and creates cool stuff from their fuzzy coats: pet beds, hats, fiber products and foot warmers.

Meredith sent me a pair of her HAND MADE (no joke people, check out her site for photos) foot warmers. I expected to be in cold climates beginning in September, so I thought I could write this review months ago. But alas, warm weather followed me everywhere I traveled.

At last I had a chance to try out the warmers in my boots. My first impression was that they felt soft and cushy under foot, which I liked. They fit my size-8 boots perfectly right out of the package. I wore them all day, both in and out of the cold. My feet not only stayed warm, but they didn’t get hot and sweaty once I warmed up.

The only complaints I had were that they shed and they pulled out of my boots when I took them off. Meredith explained that my pair of warmers were part of a batch that had a yarn issue causing the shedding. The problem has since been resolved. As for the pulling out of my boots, she said that wasn’t a complaint she’d had before. It may have been caused by my super thick hiking socks, I’m not sure.

My foot warmer after several wearings. It shed some but held up well overall.

In spite of the two small issues, I’m packing my Snuggly Toes for next month’s trip to Salt Lake City where I’m sure I’ll find cold temperatures and be glad I’ll have some alpaca luv in my boots!

Snuggly Toes are available in children’s and adult sizes and retail for $39.95 and $14.95 respectively. They can be ordered directly from the Snuggly Toes website. Keep in mind; they are a little pricey because of the handmade (in the USA) quality and durability.

Visit the Snuggly Toes website to learn more about Meredith and her alpacas. Don’t miss the “about us” page which explains how she came to be an alpaca farmer and maker of cozy foot warmers; I was charmed. If my travels ever take me close to Salem, Oregon, I’m going to stop by her farm and pet the alpacas!

Snuggly Toes Logo

Even the logo is cute!





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