Red Eagle Trail Bridge

The value of persistence: Glacier’s Red Eagle Lake

Red Eagle Trail Bridge

The bridge that tempted me to stop and call it a day.

A couple of summers ago I visited Glacier National Park and hiked to Red Eagle Lake. I’d already put on a lot of miles before that 17-mile day. The mosquitoes were relentless at the beginning of the hike and I had a lot on mind. Basically, I questioned myself for heading out. When I got to this bridge, it felt like an obstacle. I just wanted to lay in the shade underneath and stop for the day. Of course I kept going.  That’s how I am. In life, I sometimes feel defeated and want to lay down and quit, but choose to walk across the bridge anyway. Life rewards persistence, just as I was rewarded on my hike. I reached Red Eagle Lake and found this view…

Red Eagle Lake Reflections

Red Eagle Lake rewarded my persistence with a beautiful lunchtime view.

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